Anime Convention Tips

The spring and summer anime con season is going to start soon so I decided to give some con tips because every convention is going to be somebody's first time going to one. Here are some tips:

take a backpack or messenger bag because your are going to be carrying a ton of bags after you visited the dealers room. you can put manga books, DVDs, CDs and other small things that do not need a bag.

Save money. If you are going to a anime con you HAVE TO save up money weeks, even months ahead of time. You are going to need that money for gas and tolls if you are driving. You should carry cash because some merchants in the dealers room will not take checks or credit cards.

The dealers room can be both heaven and hell. When you go to the dealers room you will become try to buy everything that you can get your hands on, this is a big no no. Make a list of what you need (missing volumes of your favorite manga and/or anime) . Don't be shy about asking for a deal if you are buying multiple items from from one merchant. If a merchant is rude to you, just walk away.

Bring a bottle of water and some granola bars or cereal bars. Convention food is expensive as hell. Granola bars are small, not that messy and have some nutritional value. Keep hydrated due to the fact that these conventions get really hot and you don't want to past out from dehydration.

Bring ID with you to the site, because they’ll ask you for it if you pre-registered, plus some of the panels/showings require ID to prove you’re over 18. If you are not over the age of 18 please bring an adult with you, just because of safety reasons and if you do'nt have an adult with you please notify your parents where you are going to be.

Buy your posters and/or wall scroll at the end of the day to avoid it from being crushed or poking someone in the eye with it.

If you want to take picture of a hot cosplayer, ask for permission first.

one last thing you need to do at a con and that is to wash your ass. for godsake if you go to a con and you are staying for more than a day, take a damn shower with soap, put on some deodorant and change into some fresh clothes everyday at the con. no one wants to smell you from down the hall.

oh, and have fun

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