Genshiken season one DVD set

The other day, I manage to pick up the entire first season of genshiken. I feel really bad doing this because genshiken is one of my favorite but don't buy this and stay away from it. The English dub is horrible, I wanted to puncture my ear drums due to the really bad voice actors. Another reason not to buy it is because it's too damn expensive. Each volume cost $20 USD meaning if you pick up the whole series its going to cost $60 USD. If you want the box set that going to cost you $70 USD, I was lucky because I bought the whole series for $15 USD used at Games Choice (my local video game store). The only good things about the DVD set is that each volume has a bonus episode from kujibiki unbalance, the anime that originated from genshiken.

The cool thing about the DVD covers is that each one is a reference to the otaku culture.

This is a reference to a HGUC Gundam model kit box.

This is a reference to a cover of newtype magazine.

This is a reference to a cover of shojo beat.

It would have been nice if they had better voice actors and if it was cheaper.

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