Akihabara Geeks

Akihabara geeks is a short documentary film that follows five people for a day in the town of Akihabara. The film alternates between these five people viewing their different interests and lifestyles in Akihabara. These five people are a game creator, a electric parts shop owner, a maid, a overclocker, and a otaku.

The film begins a brief history of Akihabara. Then they first introduce the creator of the game Cicada Season, Dragon Knight 07. During the filming of the documentary he was in the process of making the newest edition of his famous game Cicada Season, which he was trying to make it before the deadline.

Then they showed the anime moe otaku, Ikki Motohara. His room covered with images of cute moe anime characters and expensive figures that he owns. In one trip to akiba he spend over 400 dollar on a shuffle figure and a shuffle hug pillow, which forced him to cut his daily living expense to 2 dollars a day for food.

Later they introduce the owner of a family owned electric parts shop, Kouichi Shimayama. That shop was owned by his father but when he pasted away, Kouichi took control of the shop at the age of 26. He has seen akihabara grow and he said that the town has changed a lot since he started work there.

Then came into play the overclocker, Katsumi Ohashi. An overclocker is someone who build computers for the purpose for it to be extremely fast. At the time that they were filming the documentary, Katsumi had the world record of the fastest computer to calculate Pi at the time.

The last person they introduce was a cute woman who works at a maid cafe, Miss Ichika. Ichika is a college student that wants to become a lawyer, she said that she will continue to work at the maid cafe even after she earns her degree in law.

I really enjoyed this documentary because you get to see akihabara throught the eyes of different people. If you are a fan of akihabara or anime fan/otaku then pick this up.

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