My Favorite web sites for buy anime and manga related products

Today I could not think of anything to write about. I decide to list the websites that I use to buy anime, manga, and any related products in detail.

Hobby Wave
I use hobby wave mainly for buying Gundam Model Kits because they only sell that.
Pros: this site has a flat rate shipping of 10 US dollars which is great.
Cons: since this company is in Canada it takes about two weeks for their product to arrive home.
Hobby Link Japan
Hobby link japan is a good site for when you want to preorder anything because they are the first to get brand new products before anyone else.
Pros: They are always restocking all of their products.
Cons: EMS shipping is expensive and if you go with SAL shipping it will take about three or four weeks for your package to arrive.

Discount Anime DVD

I use this site to buy manga mostly because they have a big selection.
Pros: They always have special deals like for example 35% off of all Viz media manga
Cons: Their website is a little tricky to browse around in.

This Is Anime
I use this website to buy DVDs because they have a large selection
Pros: The DVDs are dirty cheap like for example I bought the entire series of FLCL for 8 US dollars. They also have region free DVDs and a point system that when you get enough points you can get a discount from them.
Cons: They don't update their stock on the website as often as they should. for example you buy something from them and a couple of days later you get an e-mail from them saying that they don't have the product in stock.

Image Anime
This website has a lot of anime related products. The reason why I buy from them is that I buy my modeling tools from them (gundam paint makers).
Pros: They are really fast at processing my orders and my shipment gets to my house in less than a week.
Cons: when they sellout of something, they will never restock that product ever again.

Well those are the websites that I use to buy my anime, manga, and anime related products. You should check them out. Another thing please check out all the adds in my blog because I need that adsense money.

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