Redecorating is such a drag

I have been very busy lately with the process of redecorating my room. That is the reason why I have not added any posts for the last couple of day. It was very hard for me to take apart my old computer desk. The reason why I got rid of my desk is because if was way too big and it took up a lot of needed space in my room. The good news is that I did managed to buy a much smaller computer desk and wall shelves for my gundam model kits from Ikea. The bad news is that I bought these items over the Internet and I'm waiting for them to be deliver to my home. I will post pictures of my new desk and wall shelves after they had be assembled. By the way I did buy some gundam model kits and I'm also waiting for these to get to my home.

My gundam model kits and figures are temporary been relocated.

This is the process of taking apart a big old desk.

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