Gundam Astray Red Frame VS. Acguy

Yesterday, I spend my entire day building Astray Red and Acguy. I did not eat or sleep until I was done. The first one I built was Gundam Astray Red Frame. This gundam was difficult to paint due to the small sword handle and the detail that it has.

Gundam Astray Red Frame

That sword was a pain but I did enjoy it

The finish product

I had some MS 08th Team playing as motivation

When I was done with Astray Red Frame, I was tired but I said to myself that I could do one more. Acguy was not difficult but I did had some trouble with the head but I manage to fix it.


You made me lose some sleep but it was worth it

Finish product

Gundam Astray Red Frame VS. Acguy, who will win?

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