Metrocon: things to do

I have decided to go to Metrocon 2008 in Tampa, Florida from July 18 - 20. However, that means that I have a a lot to do before I make this trip.
I will share with my readers my Metrocon to do list:

  1. Pre-register
  2. Find a hotel to stay over for the three days of the convention
  3. Make sure that the hotel is cheap and close to the convention
  4. Pay off my credit card
  5. Save over $1000 dollars to spend at the convention
  6. Take my car to the mechanic to change all the fluids, brake pads, and shock absorbers because I'm going to drive there.
  7. Get business cards to pass out to promote my blog
  8. Buy a new camera that has great resolution because the one I have is ok but I want a camera with better resolution.
  9. Buy a new battery for my laptop because I'm taking it with me and the battery life is horrible (12 minutes) do to it is about 3 years old.
  10. Find out if my friends want to come with me and if not, thats ok because I go to whatever events I want.
It looks like I have a lot to do for the next 3 months.

If you want to attend Metrocon 2008 here is the link to the website.

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