Anime Review: Violence Jack OVA: Evil town

Violence Jack is a manga created by the famous Go Nagai and then 3 OVA episodes were made. The original run of the manga is from 1973 to 1974, spawning 18 volumes of the manga. Violence Jack is about an earthquake that nearly destroyed Earth and what is remains is a post-apocalyptic wasteland that only the strong survive. I will say this right now, Violent jack is not for everybody due to the extreme graphic blood, gore, violence against women and children, and very detail violent rape and cannibal scenes. The first time I saw this I was about 12 years old and I ended up puking due to the extremely graphic images and that was the censored version. Now that I'm 19, I managed to find on the Internet the uncensored version and it's ever more violent and gory.

Today, I will review the Violence Jack OVA: Evil town. Evil town is the first episode of the OVA. Evil town is a underground city that is trapped in the ruins of Tokyo after a massive Earthquake. Evil town is divided in three sections: A, B, and C. Section A is made up of businessman and normal men, Section B is made of Mad Saulus and his gang of psychotic criminals, and Section C is made up of only women, this section came to be after the men is section A raped all of the women and these women divided themselves from section A.

How the episode begins is when the Section A is digging themselves out of the underground hell hole and they discovered Violence Jack trapped under some rocks. He tags along with the section A until the women of section C ask him to join them because they are helpless against the other two sections. He joins up with section C, right after he found out that the men in section A had raped them.

This is the first time that Violence Jack is revealed

This is Violence Jack paying back section A for saving him

After Mad Saules finds out that section C has dug up an exit, he decides to do a full scale attack on section A and C. Mad Saules fights Violence Jack as a distraction because his men had killed all of the children and men in section A and raped the women in section C. Jack manages to knock out Saules to save section C. In the process of Jack's crazy rampage he kills Saules' transexual "parther" Blue. Saules finds the dead body of Blue and eats it so he can be "one" with him. After Saules eats Blue, he transforms into a demon like beast. Saules' finds Jack and they fight to the death; Jack wins by stabbing Saules in the head with a 2 foot long knife to the head.
I recommend this anime to old school anime fans that like anime from the golden age and if you want to be brave, go watch this.

The ass kicking beginnings

Jack chocking Blue, but does not die that way

For some reason Jack's eyes glow a lot

the aftermath of Jack's crazy rampage to save the section C

Mad Saules is becoming "one" with Blue

Demon Saules

Saules VS. Jack, final battle

That knife is going some were and it's going to hurt

Jack in his demon mode

The ruins of Tokyo in the horizon

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