The Blue One

Yesterday and today I was building my new HGUC Blue Destiny 01 1/144 scale Gunpla model kit. For those how don't know, Blue destiny can from a one volume manga written by Mizuho Takayama. Some people argue that Blue Destiny is not a Gundam because it looks like a modified GM but I think it is a Gundam in my eyes. This model kit took me about 2 day to complete because I was way too tired to finish it in one day.

I had to paint the thrusters in to this color because it was originally dark blue

I first added a white base coat for the gray to stand out

I decided to paint it metallic gray to give it a realistic look

half way done

I painted the leg booster because the stickers made it look like crap. First a white base coat. the little red you see there in the bottom booster is my blood, I cut my finger with a modeling knife by mistake. It hurt like hell.

Finish with the red coat of paint

All done now I have to put it all together

It looks awesome

Matching blue action base

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