Gundam Model Kit Wish list

I would like to share my Gundam model kit wish list. I know that all of these model kit are High Grade and I don't feel like moving up to Master Grade because those kits are expensive. Now, I give you all my wish list:

1/144 HGUC Powered GM

1/144 HGUC Jagd Doga (Gyunei Guss Custom)

1/144 HG Arms Type E + Gundam Exia (Transam Mode)

1/144 HGUC RX-93 Nu Gundam

1/144 HGUC RX-77D Guncannon Production Type

1/144 HGUC Hyakushiki & Mega Bazooka

1/144 HGUC Psycho Gundam

1/144 HGUC Gundam MK-II + Flying Armor
1/144 HG Abyss Gundam

1/144 HGUC Qubeley

1/144 HGUC Guntank

1/144 HGUC Zeong

1/144 HGUC Ex-S Gundam

1/144 HG Aile Strike Gundam

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