Gurren Lagann on American television

This is big anime related news, the Sci fi channel in the U.S. will be showing Two episode of Gurren Lagann on July 28th. I'm sooooooooooo excised that Gurren Lagann will be airing on a U.S. television because that has to be one of the best new anime I have seen in my opinion. It will be airing at 11:00 Pm on the first block of ani-monday. This is great because Gurren Lagann has gone to hell and back because it with American licenses, first ADV picked it up and then Bandai got a hold of it under everyones noses. I can't wait to see Kamina, Simon, Gurren Lagann, Yoko and her big breast on my TV for free.

Below, is the Gurren Lagann opening

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