I, Otaku: Struggle in Akihabara

I'm going to do a manga review on I, otaku: struggle in Akihabara. This manga is about an 18 year old high school student named Sota. He is very popular, cheerful, outgoing and he even has a girlfriend. However, He has a terrible secret and that secret is that he is an otaku. The story beginning when he was searching the stores in Akihabara for the ultra limited edition wonder digital dokidoki doggy papico figure. He can't find one at all because all the stores had sold out but he notice a store in Akihabara that he has never seen before. He goes inside and find the figure he wanted but he made a fatal mistake, he put the figure inside of a plain paper bag. The owner of the store saw what he did and he locked down the store and took the figure from Sota.
The store owner, who goes by the name of Tencho tells Sota that will not let him leave the store until he recite " I love 2-dimensionals, all hail otakudom" three times. Sota eventually does recite that phrase to leave the store but his girlfriend finds out that he is an otaku. A lot did happen in only the first chapter.
This manga is very funny but the story feel very rushed for some reason. I do recommend this manga to anyone who wants a good laugh and for those closet otakus out there. By the way I would like for all of my readers to check the otaku-4-ever blog, it's very awesome.

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