Joint Repair

The other day I had to repair the poli cap joints for the wings of my 1/144 HG Wing Zero Custom model kit. I have seen different methods on how to do this but I have my own method that I would like to share them for all to use.

All I use for joint repair is a tooth pick, thin strips of paper, and white glue.

I first add a coat of glue in the walls of female end of the joint. Make sure to let the glue dry first before you do anything else, this may take up to 20 to 30 minutes to do.

Now add a coat to glue on the male end on the joint. After you added the glue, wrap the thin piece paper around the joint. The paper is used to make a snug fit with the joints so it wont become loose later on.

Wing Zero is just chilling waiting for his wings to be ready.

Finish product. The repair looks great and it will last longer than before.

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