Update on Metrocon: things to do

On my previous post Metrocon: things to do, I wrote about The things I have to do before Metrocon this juy. I have a couple of updates for my readers:

  1. I'm going to Metrocon with Kat from otaku-4-ever and her boyfriend to Metrocon.
  2. I already reserved a hotel half a block away from the convention.
  3. My mom bought me a battery for my laptop as a out-of-the-blue present (I think she has been reading my blog).
  4. Tomorrow I have a meeting with a business card company and they are going to help me design my business cards.
  5. I will start working a lot more hours at my job and I'm going to be earning $200 dollars more on my pay check.
  6. I found the camera that I like and I'm going to buy it tomorrow (I will post pictures of it).
Everything seems to be going ok with this trip, so far.

thing the I still have to do:
  1. pre-register for the convertion
  2. pay off my evil credit card.
  3. take my car to the mechanic to change all the fluids, break pads and shock absorbers.
I have to get that done!!!!!!!!!

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