Bible Black

A few weeks ago I wrote that I have never played an Eroge (H-game) before until now. I pick bible black as my first H-game because I have seen good reviews on it and apparently it's a one of the best H-game ever made, as I've been told. I feel very dirty after playing that game, it has a lot of adult and sexual themes which means that this game is not for everybody.

You play as Minase, a typical high school student who had a normal life until he discovered a black book in the school's boiler room. You find out that the black book is in fact a spell book and most of the spells are of the sexual nature. Since this is a "choose your own adventure game" depending on your choices you can have "good" endings or "bad" endings. I have not seen all the endings yet but as an advise, remember the law of karma. I recommend this game to anyone who has played a lot of H-games before in their life and they are bored with the moe' characters from other H-games. Now I give you the list of girls you "interact" with in the game and as you can see the art is pretty good.

Imari Kurumi, childhood friend and girl next door

Saeki Kaori, she want the spell book

Minase Yukiko, your older stepsister

Shiraki Rika, school idol

Takashiro Hiroko, good teacher

Kitami Reika, evil teacher

Ito Mika, "innocent" victim

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