Good photography is good lighting

Yesterday, I was re-reading an article on about indoor light for photographing anime figures. I had horrible setup a few months ago and after I found this article I greatly improved over time. I would like to show you all how I have my lighting setup for anime figure photographing.

Below this is my setup. a homemade diffuser, white board, background and two lamps

The lamp on the right is my halogen desk lamp and the one on the right is a normal desk lamp with an indoor floodlight light bulb

To make a homemade diffuser all you need is a cardboard box, tracing paper, and tape

The diffuser is used to soften the light of the floodlight so it won't make that many shadows. below is the finish product.

Now it's picture time with the help of cute Tsuruya. the picture below I'm only using the halogen lamp.

Now I'm only using the floodlight lamp with the diffuser.

the last picture I'm using both the halogen lamp and the floodlight lamp with the diffuser.

one more thing, I would like for all of my readers check out Otaku-4-ever blog.

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