I bought a domain name

Last night I made a good decision and I bought the domain name, otakudan.com. My state of mind was rather weird when I did this but I was mostly influenced by Kenleewrites.com. Now that I have the domain of otakudan.com I feel different but in a good way because I feel like I can one day rank up with the great blogs like Gordonator, Furu Anime Panikku, and Kenlee Writes.

Now that I have that new domain name, I have to contact everyone in my blog roll and everyone that has me on their blog roll for the change. I want to change my layout and template so it can look original and cool. I bet if I get something nice for Kat from otaku-4-ever, she can help me with fix up my website ; ). I hope that with the new changes I can attract new readers and keep my current ones. These changes will be for the better.

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