I need a new computer

I think it's time for a new computer. What you see below is my current set-up, its a Dell Inspiron 2200. If you can tell my computer is old. This computer is about 4 years old and it still runs great for how old it is but it is starting to slow down in processing power and it has been give me some problems for the last few months.

I would like to buy a new computer after Metrocon. However, I have to wait until I get my grant money from the government when I start my next semester in college. I have been looking at two laptops that peeked my interest, an Apple MacBook and a Dell Inspiron 1525. The MacBook is a great computer and it looks pretty but it is so damn expensive. The Inspiron 1525 it has been getting good reviews and I have brand loyalty towards Dell but it is running Windows Vista. Readers, what should I get as my new computer?

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