Meazu Crew Cosplay

By now you should all know that I don't like bad cosplay. However, I discovered this really incredible cosplay crew that has one of the best cosplay outfits I have seen. The cosplay crew is called the Meazu Crew Cosplay. This Cosplay crew visit anime conventions in the state of Florida and certain one in the U.S. The name of the leader of the crew is Azuki and she seem to be a very nice gal. The cosplay outfit that they make are beautifully done and you can see a lot of time has been put into the outfits. I really like good cosplay and this qualifies as that. I'm lucky that I may have a chance to meet her at Metrocon this year. below I have a few pictures of Miss Azuki from her website if you want more, go visit her site and join her crew.

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