My last otaku purchase

Like the title says, I have made my last otaku purchase until Metrocon. I'm bought myself these items just because my birthday is coming up and I like to spoil myself for my birthday. I will not buy anything anime related because I would to save about $500 to $1000 U.S. dollars to spend at the anime convention that I'm attending. I will post pictures on the stuff I bought for my birthday. I need to stop buying stuff over the internet.

One more thing, I don't want to sound like a beggar but I need donations for a new AC power adapter for my laptop. The one I currently have is starting to break because Dell does not have such great quality in power adapters for there cool laptops. I would have bought the adapter first but it started to fail right after I bought those anime related items (my luck sucks). The adapter will cost around $65 U.S. dollars. I will so thankful for your donations.

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