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Everyone knows that with a hobby there is going to be a magazine to accompany that said hobby. In Japan there is a large abundance of anime magazine and NewType is at the top. However, in America there is only 2 anime magazines; Anime Insider and Otaku USA. NewType USA was the best anime magazine for years until it cease publication 6 months ago.

Anime Insider is published by Wizard Entertainment, they are well known cause they are the publishers for three more magazines for several different hobbies. The price of this magazine is cheap, only $5 U.S. dollars and a year subscription is $28 U.S. dollars. They cover from Japanese movies to Japanese music, which is a standard with U.S. anime mags. The thing I don't like about this magazine is that they only pay attention to the hot popular anime that is not that great like for example a orange jumpsuit wearing "ninja".

Otaku USA is published by Sovereign Media. They cover the various aspects of the otaku culture from an American perspective. The cool thing about this magazine is that it comes with a preview DVD of several anime that will be released soon and posters. I really enjoy this magazine but there is one thing I do not like about it and that is a new issue comes out every two months. The price of the magazine is only $10 U.S. dollars and the a year subscription is $28 U.S. dollars.

If my readers that do not live in the U.S. can tell, us American anime fans don't have much of an option. However, the future is looking good with a new anime magazine that is coming out soon. The magazine is called Future Anime. A special collector's edition of this magazine is going to include 12 anime posters and it will stay in stores until October 21st, I'm going to try to pick up an issue as soon as possible. Sorry for the tiny picture but it was the only one I could find.

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