The Best Gimmick ever!?

Anime industry sometimes does not make seen. I'm saying this because of several thing, today the first volume Gurren Lagann will be released. This is a great because the first volume will have the first 9 episodes of the series for around $25 U.S. dollars and if you pay $10 dollars more you get the soundtrack included. That has to be the best deal anyone has ever seen for an anime DVD but there is a catch, the series will only be dubbed in Japanese with English subtitles. First of all I think that is a great idea because you get those "I love the Japanese voice actors but I don't know a lick of Japanese so give me subtitles" purists to actual go out and buy the DVDs, so they don't have to download it off the net for free. This is the thing that does not make seen, the anime series is going to make its U.S. television debut in about 2 week on the sci fi channel in English. So, you have the option to pay money for subtitled version or get it for free but with dubbed in English. WTF. I will be one of the many fools that are going to buy the DVDs and watch it for free on TV because I like Gurren Lagann and I believe that it is going to be the next Evangelion (I mean it in the big fan base kind of way) in America. I wonder if this idea is going to work and if they are going to do this again but with a different anime series.

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