Building CrossBone Gundam update 1

A few months ago I announced project G, the quest to master grade. I picked Crossbone Gundam as my first master grade gundam model kit and I bought it at metrocon. I started to build it on Wednesday night and this is want I have done so far. One more thing I added a new "read more" expandable post summary, so from now on you are going to have to click that to view the whole post from now on.

I have only built the torso and the head because I still don't have the light gray and black Gundam paint maker but I did order it and It should be at my home in a couple of days. I also ordered semi-gloss top coat because I don't want to have that plastic look. I will have more updates on this model kit I'm building, below I more pictures of it. Can my Gundam model making readers give me tips on this model.

The back

The side and opened cockpit

Regular face

"Berserk" face
I'm thinking of painting the inside of the mouth red so it can look badass, should I do it?

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