cleaning day

Today, I have been spending my day cleaning and dusting my room. I really like to have my room clean because I'm a nut case. I started to clean my closet and discovered an ants nest under the carpet, I did not take a picture of it because I was panicking and I ended up killing them all with a really powerful bug poison. After the killing spree, I tossed out some old papers from when I was back in high school, couple of boxes, and some really old pair of shoes.

While I was cleaning my closet, I found one of my lamps that I use for figure photography broken. That right there is $30 dollars down the drain.

Close up of the place were my lamp broke

I use cans of compressed gas and wet Q-tips to remove the dust off of my Gundam model kits; It took me about 5 hours to get done.
This post was rather boring today but cleaning is not fun for some people.

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