Final Fantasy Surprise!!!

Final Fantasy 13 is going to come out on both the PS3 and the XBOX 360. This comes as a shock to everybody because no one was ever expecting this to happen. I'm going to say it and I think I'm going to get flamed for it but the PS3 is pretty much done. The Final Fantasy franchise was always been a Sony exclusive for the epic games but now that Microsoft is going to release Final Fantasy 13, who know how it can affect the video game industry. Many people had it in their mind that FF 13 was going to be the game that would help sell more PS3s. Now for those people who did not own a next genaration system but they want this game, they going to buy the Xbox 360 because it is much cheaper than the PS3. I will buy a Xbox 360 for those reasons, Sony needs to drop the price of PS3 to compete.

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