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A few weeks ago I wrote about anime magazines in America and I mentioned the new magazine, Future Anime. When I was searching for a new manga to read, I found this magazine at Books-a-million. I decided to buy this magazine to give it a chance and to get the sweet twelve posters included in it. I'm going to tell you, this magazine has it good and bad points.

Good Points:
The article are very well written and it seems that they took time writing them. A thing I did really like was the editor's note in the fifth page. The editor's note pointed out somethings that I agree with like the downloading anime illegally is killing the American anime industry and that only real anime fans buy the DVDs, manga, and other types anime merchandise. They are trying to attract all types of anime fans with this magazine which is really good.

Bad Points:
The price of this magazine is $9.99 U.S. dollars and it only has 72 pages. I could pay 2 more dollars and get a copy of Otaku USA and get so much more content. Talking about content, they need some because filling a magazine with only features kind of gets boring after some time. A thing that angers me is that they included a "how to talk like an otaku" which is annoying as hell for me. They did lie when they said they have twelve posters, it's more like six double sided posters. I hope that they fix all the issues that I pointed out for when they start officially releasing this magazine in a monthly bases. Below I have the pictures of the six double sided posters, I will end up giving them away.

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