I Need a New Manga Series

I'm bored with manga. Let me make it clear, I'm bored with the manga I own. I have read my manga over several times and waiting to the next volume to come out sucks. I'm currently waiting for the next volumes of 5 different manga series that I'm reading and I need a new manga series to keep me entertained for the time being.

I had visited two different book stores to see if I could find a new manga series that I could pick up. Nothing and I mean nothing called my attention because all I could see is naruto, bleach, fruit basket and some random more long boring shonen/shojo manga books. However, I did see a few manga series that peaked my interests. Those manga series are Legal Drug, Kami Kaze, Mega Tokyo, Mushishi, and the original Yugioh(the one with all the killing and no card games). If you know anything good or bad about these series or you want to recommend something for me to read just leave a comment below, thank you.

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