Metrocon Report

I went to Metrocon and I loved it. It was one of the best anime conventions that I had attended. I checkout some of the panels that called my attention like the retro anime panel. This panel was very interesting because we discussed on how the new generation of anime fans do not like older anime because it looks "old" even if it has a great cast of characters and story. I also attended the human anime chess match, which rocked and it was so much fun to watch. I visited the dealer's room more than 20 times when I was there. I did meet an old friend of mine while I was there, she is so cute. I did enter a team anime trivia contest, my team lost due to a Naruto question they ask; I know nothing about Naruto because I greatly dislike it. I danced the night away at the raves the they had for Friday and Saturday. I did have a lot of fun at this convention and I will be going again next year.

The outside of the Tampa convention center, my hotel was cross the street from it.

My hotel room

This is the view of my hotel room

This is the picture from the third floor, there was a lot of people around.

The human anime chess match, Light vs. Dark

That is Mr. Metro

My Metrocon weekend badge, it looks so cool

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