The Power of BlogRoll

I really like adore the power of the blogroll. Blogroll is the most important thing that a blogger must have on their website. For those that don't know what a blogroll is; a blogroll is list of featured and/or favorable websites that a blogger adds to the sidebar of their blog. This is kind of a standard for blogs nowadays. The great thing about a blogroll is that if you have your website on someone else's blog, you get exposure on yours. However, when you want to have you blog added to someone else's you are going to have to add their. In a way it's a give and take relationship, which is pretty cool. I visit and read every website that is on my blogroll daily because I find it fun. If you want me to add you to my blogroll, just leave comment below with your website and remember to add me to yours. Damn, I just noticed that I don't have a picture to go along with this topic. The heck with it, here is a picture of the Zero no Tsukaima girl's wearing cheerleader outfits with bunny ears.

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