Shana Candy Biniki Ver. Photo Shoot

I did a beautiful photo shoot with my new Shana figure. This is my first figure that I own that is wearing a bathing suit and she looks great in it too. I like the great detail of this figure especially in the handle of the sword and her pendent. I think that the fading hair color from dark orange to clear yellow is genius. Shana has this moe face which suits her fine for this figure. If you don't own her, you should go out and buy her. I think this has to be my best photo shoot ever. Now I give the photo shoot.

bikini shana 13

bikini shana 12

bikini shana 12

bikini shana 7

bikini shana 11

bikini shana 6

bikini shana 5

bikini shana 1

bikini shana 2

bikini shana 4

bikini shana 3

bikini shana 10

bikini shana 9

bikini shana 8

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