Annoying Anime Fans

I'm so angry right now that I want to murder.

Today, I went to book-a-million to preorder some manga but before I did that I checked out the manga section. I'm there minding my own business and a larger group of kids(their ages probably ranged for 14 to 16) ran to the manga section. These kids start to talk loud, making a mess, and playing ninja right next to me. I'm trying my best to ignore them which is the adult thing to do, I reached out to pick up Boogiepop doesn't laugh and this girl pulled the book right out of my hand and throws it. I asked her why did she do that and her answer was "that looks boring, read naruto it is so much better". At this point I'm way pasted my breaking point and for some reason this activated my inner drill Sargent. I told them in a very angry manner to stop what they are doing and to pick up their mess and leave. They did everything I told them without asking any questions. The manager of the store thanked me because those brats do that all the time when they visit the store.

This is not The first time that has happened before. For some reason the younger anime fans are acting obnoxious and stupid. When I was at metrocon, a group of kids were yelling at the top of their lungs "yuri" and "yaoi" until security kicked them out. I'm not say that all young anime fans are like that but those who act like morons need to use what little common sense they have. Maybe why they act like that is because they don't get enough attention at home and they seek the wrong kind. I hope that these kids grow up and learn from their stupid mistakes.

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