Back to College

Well, I'm starting a brand new semester in college in two weeks. I already registered for classes and bought my expensive books. I 'm looking forward for this because I want to become a computer programmer and going through college just gets me one step closer to my dream.

It was great that I had a 3 month vacation and it was fun but it has to come to an end. I am going to still be making posts on my blog even day but there will be some days that I may not be able to make posts because I'm going to be busy with school.

I'm not going to be able to buy as much anime related product because I have to pay off my credit card due to I had to use it for my books. I believe my not the only one who is doing this. Now I have to start waking up early in the morning and I'm so use to waking up later. Well, the bad thing about this is that I'm not going to be able to watch as much anime as I did during the summer.

One more thing, I would like my reader's to check out my A-store were you can buy anime related products from. My store's name is Otaku Dan's anime store, thank you for visiting it.

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