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After I was done playing Bible Black I decided to buy a new H-game, that game is Bazooka Cafe. The reason why I got this game is because I wanted something cute, nice and without the crazy stuff that goes on in Bible Black. You are playing as the son of an aging cafe owner that leaves his office job and becomes the new owner of the cafe. The nice thing about the cafe, it's a maid cafe with big breasted women.

The four women you "interact" with are an ex in some way. they are your ex-girlfriend, ex-coworker, ex-college classmate and ex-boss. There is several things that annoy me about this game like the endings and how you get to them. There are only four endings in the game, one per girl which is understandable but if you focus on one girl in the whole game but at the end you pick a certain an option; you could end up with a different girl. The cool thing about this game is that it includes an extra game, Bazooka Cafe Valentine Special. I recommended this game if you light-hearted fun and a good laugh, you can buy this game at Below I have the pictures of the 4 lovely ladies you are going to have fun with.

Mitsuki Takahara, ex-coworker

Narumi Takeuchi, ex-girlfriend

Cocoa Nitta, ex-college classmate

Yayoi Uesugi, ex-boss

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