Bleach Season 2 Box Set Review

The other day, I went to Wal-mart to buy some donuts and I left with this instead. This box set has been out for sometime and I wanted to buy it but it was expensive online. The cheapest price I have seen is $60 U.S. dollars, I got it $34 U.S. dollars. The artwork of the box sleeve is ok but not great due to it looks kind of boring. The inside of the sleeve has the image of the spirit of Zangetsu upside down which in my opinion should have been the cover artwork of the box sleeve and the inside also has a tiny picture of Yoruichi in her cat form.

The inside of the box sleeve

Tiny Yoruichi

The DVD case is nice but rather lazy. You must be wondering why I say lazy, it's lazy because when they put together the artwork inside of the DVD case they reused the covers of the single volume DVD cases. When someone buys a complete collection of a series they expect new artwork not a rehashed idea. The content of the DVD themselves is pretty and the main menu is improved from the last one and the English dubbing is great. However, they made the same mistakes as the last box set in the extras department. They include the clean ending but no clean opening, most fans anime fans prefer the opening of a anime that the ending. They have the production art of the anime and a ton of shonen jump and viz media trailers.

The extra goodies that come with the box set are nice, it includes an Ichigo poster and a sticker. If you paid $10 dollars more for the "special edition" of the box set it come with an ugly ichigo figure. They must of have read my last review on the first season box set because they saved ink by not printing the production art on the back of the poster.

If you notice that small sticker on the corner, it is a promotion that shonen jump is having. If you get three of these stickers and send them out you get a secret prize and you are entered in raffle to win a trip to japan to attend the weekly shonen jump 40 year anniversary party thing. The only way to get these stickers if you buy product that are from shonen jump, if you want more information on that raffle click here. I'm going to try to collect all three stickers just to find out what the secret prize is.

It looks great next to season one.
Final thought
I recommend this box set to only bleach fans because they are going to enjoy this even if it has so many flaws, Viz media please fix the flaws for the next box set.

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