Figure Photography Tutorial 2.0

I made a while back I did a figure photography tutorial. Some time has passed and my skills have improved since then. These are my secrets that I'm willing to share on figure photography.

Below is my set, it seem pretty simple that anyone can reproduce.

This is my main lamp. The light bulb I use for it is a 60 watt florescent daylight balance light bulb. The daylight balance bulbs are perfect for indoor photography because they do not heat up and it recreates the natural sunlight.

This is my secondary lamp that I use to remove all shadows that the main lamp causes and dark areas on the figure. This lamp uses a 40 watt daylight balance light bulb and the lamp cost me about $10 U.S. dollars.

I added a light filter to this lamp so it would not be extremely bright. The light filter is just regular tracing paper.

Secret 1: In my room I use a 60 watt daylight balance light bulb to enhance the lighting atmosphere which help a lot.

This is my diffuser that I use for the main lamp to soften the light. It's make out of a cardboard box and tracing paper.

This is my white board that I use to reflect the light so the figure can have an even lighting on it.

I have multiple backgrounds that I use. I try to use the one background that complements and does not take way attention from the figure. If I'm not happy with a certain background, I will go out search for the perfect one. I have a feeling that I'm going to buy more later on.

Now it's picture time.

I first program my camera for it to make the colors in the picture look vivid and I active the macro feature on it to take pictures of small items. The first picture is of me only using the secondary lamp with the reflector.

This picture is me only using the main lamp with the reflector and the diffuser.

This picture is of me using both lamps with the reflector.

Secret 2: For my figure photographs I upload them to my Flickr account. The reason is that has an ability that it fixes up all photographs and makes them look great. Below is the original picture.

The one below was uploaded to flickr. The downside to flickr is that they have a limit of 100MB that you can upload a month on the free accounts. I have a premium account that costs me $25 dollars a year but get I have unlimited uploads on pictures and videos.
Secret 3: When I do my figure photography I take about 100 or more pictures. I do this to pick out the best of the best with will look great on my blog. I hope you picked up some stuff from this post that you will use later in the future.

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