Kaiju movies

I have been a big fan of kaiju movies, since I was a little kid. I once watched a three day movie marathon without any breaks, it was fun. For those who don't know, kaiju is a Japanese word for "strange beast" but sometimes it is translated in English as "monster". The sub-genre I'm talking about is the giant monster genre with was invented in America but innovated in Japan. The most famous giant monster in this genre is Godzilla. Ultra man and super sentai are the television equivalent of the kaiju genre which I adore. Kaiju movies have influenced this American performance troupe, called Kaiju Big Battel. These battels are presented in the style of professional wrestling events, with the costumed performers playing the roles of giant, city-crushing monsters similar to Godzilla. Below is a picture of them.

Now I would like to share my top 5 Kaiju monsters:

5) Orga

4) Gamera, hero to the children

3) Mecha King Ghidorah

2) Jet Jaguar

1) Megalon

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