"New" Shelves!!!

Yesterday, I spend my day fix up my shelves. It was a pain to remove the old shelving unit because the Screws I used are meant to hold up heavy objects . I ended up ripping down the whole thing and it landed on my foot, it hurt like the dickens. I mounted the new shelf brackets, the brackets cost $5 dollars each.

After I torn down the old shelf unit, it left a lot of nasty holes.

I bought this plaster to cover up the holes

To my surprise, the plaster was pink but I read closely and it goes on pink and dries up white.

Two hours later, good as new.

I did not paint my shelves because I did not find the wood stainer I originally wanted.

Damn, they look good.

My gunpla model kits like their new home. This is the before picture of it, that is a big improvement if you can tell.
I did paint the screws black after I took the picture of it. I should buy and build more gunpla to fill up those marvelous shelves.

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