A 360 in Japan

It seems that the Xbox 360 has started to pick up in Japan to every ones surprise. In Japan it was in last place in the home console race but It ended up in first place because of several factors that works for Microsoft favor.

The first thing that is helping the 360 to sellout in Japan is the recent price cut. The price of the Xbox 360 arcade(256 MB) before was $279.99, now it's $199.99. The price of the Xbox 360 premium(60GB) was $349.99, now it's $299.99. If you can see, price matters especially when the economy is down the drain. Also, I have seen a lot of game not being PS3 exclusives any more like Final Fantasy 13 and if some people would pick between the PS3 or the Xbox 360, most of them would go with the 360 due to the cheaper price.

The Xbox tan twins are so cute!!!

A current trend I have been seeing is that a lot of good Japanese RPG games are coming out. It all started with Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata, which helped sell systems. The one game that is sellout 360s is Tales of Vesperia. In Japan, the Tales series is big and popular like the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series.

I would like to get an Xbox 360 but I'm paranoid due to the Red Ring of Death. What are your opinions on the the Xbox 360?

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