Apple Power!!!

Steve Jobs has unveiled the brand spanking new Ipod nano, Ipod shuffle, and Ipod touch. This is great big news from Apple because they have mastered and conquer the Mp3 market for that last 5 years. These updated products are pretty sweet.

The new Ipod touch has a sleeker design and now it has a much larger memory than the previous model. This is the one that I have been waiting for but I can't get it now.

This is the new Ipod nano. It has a new design, a shake to shuffle feature, and you can rotate it to active the widescreen mode. It looks a lot like the version 2 of the nano which is great.

The Ipod shuffle has new colors

By the looks of it Apple has out done themselves this time. Even if you don't like apple, you have admit that they know technology and they make it look good.

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