Bringing DBZ Back

Yesterday, I was so bored that I watched 7 Dragon Ball Z movies and 3 Dragon ball movies. For some reason something clicked in the back of my head and now I want to make DBZ cool again.

In my opinion DBZ was one of the most influential anime series in history. It was one of the first anime series to become mainstream in the U.S. and was pretty epic for its time. Part of me believes that DBZ is better than most shounen anime out there, you know what anime I'm talking about. When I young, I watched DBZ because it was fun and simple. The storyline is very easy to because it was the same for each saga. I think that the younger anime fans need to at least watch one saga of the series so they can appreciate a great shounen classic. Below, I give you the openings and endings of the series, for those who have that seen them before.

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