Goodbye, Toonami

Yesterday was the final broadcasting of the action block on Cartoon Network, Toonami.

Toonami was on the air for about 11 years and to see it go just like that is sad. The decision to cancel Toonami was done yesterday in the morning. The head of Cartoon Network should have planned and giving the news a week ahead so everyone can watch it for the last time. The worst outcome of this is that most anime will now be handle by Adult Swim.

Toonami was one of the single most important programming block in to expose anime in America. In my opinion, Toonami is the reason why there are so many anime fans in America. I remember the first show I saw on Toonami was Voltron (GoLion to everyone outside of the U.S.) and it got me hooked to watch it everyday. I managed to catch the last minute of Toonami today with the host TOM giving his final goodbye. It brought tears to my eyes because it was sad that something I grew up with, was gone forever. Thank you, Toonami for all of the great memories. Bang!

This is the goodbye video that I was talking about.

This is a fan made video of Toonami over the years.

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