I Hate You, Adult Swim

If you don't know by now, the late night block on cartoon network called Adult Swim has pissed off over a million anime fans in the United States. They have changed once again the Saturday schedule time slots for the worst.

The old schedule was:
11:00 pm Metalocalypse (non anime)
11:30 pm Venture Brothers (non anime)
12:00 am Crayon Shin Chan
12:30 am Bleach
1:00 am Code Geass
1:30 am Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
2:00 am Metalocalypse (non anime)
2:30 am Venture Brothers (non anime)
3:00 am Crayon Shin Chan
3:30 am Bleach
4:00 am Code Geass
4:30 am Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
5:00 am Inuyasha
5:30 am Inuyasha

The old schedule looks ok but not great. It is the perfect schedule for younger anime fans that are allowed to stay up late on Saturday nights to watch their favorite shows, but the new schedule has murdered the happiness that Saturday nights use to bring them.

New schedule:
11:00 pm Bleach
11:30 pm Full Metal Alchemist
12:00 am Robot Chicken (non anime)
12:15 am Aqua Teen Hunger Force (non anime)
12:30 am Metalocalypse (non anime)
1:00 am Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (non anime)
1:15 am Assy Mcgee (non anime)
1:30 am Squidbillies (non anime)
1:45 am 12oz mouse (non anime)
2:00 am Bleach
2:30 am Full Metal Alchemist
3:00 am Robot Chicken (non anime)
3:15 am Aqua Teen Hunger Force (non anime)
3:30 am Metalocalypse (non anime)
4:00 am Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (non anime)
4:15 am Assy Mcgee (non anime)
4:30 am Squidbillies (non anime)
4:45 am 12oz mouse (non anime)
5:00 am Code Geass
5:30 am Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit

WHAT THE F*CK?????????????

Adult swim at one point did care about its viewers but it is like they are saying "f*ck you anime dorks. We do what we want, when we want to and there is nothing you can do about it other than to bitch and moan". The stuff they do does not make any sense what so ever, hell not even in bizzaro world that would make sense. They pulled out Shin Chan from TV but they are still coming out with new episode on adult swim's website that you watch for free. Code Geass in the weekly ratings was doing better than Bleach but they gave it the finger and sent it to the worst time slot. The good news is that you can also watch the new episodes of CG on their website for free, which is nice of them. The one anime series that is doomed is Moribito, it came out about 3 weeks ago and now it's on life support. Nobody is going to watch this great show because it will be shown at 5:30 am and they are not streaming on their website, why did they even bother getting the rights for that show?. The thing that truly angers me to beyond belief is that they are replacing good shows with the crappy shows that adult swim makes. I think that they are doing an experiment to prove that time slots are everything but at the same time many people are plotting terrorist attacks against them for what they did.

If I ever had the power to make the right schedule, it would be this:
11:00 pm Bleach
11:30 pm Code Geass
12:00 am Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
12:30 am .hack//Roots
1:00 am Death note
1:30 am Crayon Shin Chan
5:00 am Full Metal Alchemist
5:30 am Astro Boy

The schedule I made is good because it can draw in new and old anime fans without any problems. Tell me what are your thought and feelings on this predicament that these monsters have made.

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