I Must be a Masochist

I must be a gluten for punishment because I saw every episode of a certain anime that I promised to myself to never watch. A friend of mine bet that I could not watch every since episode of the anime that I truly dislike with great intent. I managed to do it in 5 days to watch all 220 episodes of this series and during the time I was watching it I had a horrible headache.

I'm so stupid to do such a thing.

The anime I was talking about is

During the whole time I was thinking to myself "This anime is bad" and it is if you are an experienced anime fan like me. Now I know why there are is such a big fans for this series, it is because new anime fans don't know any better. If I was a new anime fan and this would be my first series, I would think it would the be greatest thing but in reality it is mediocre at best. If you have a friend who thinks this is the perfect anime, sit them down and force them to watch a good anime with an actual plot that does not seem that it was made up on the spot. This anime is just great for 10 year old children because they are naive and don't care if there is a good plot to it. By the way, I won't turn in to a narutard.

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