I Quit!!!

Yesterday, I quit my job. I quit because it was affecting me mentally and physically. Everyday I went to work, I would get horrible headaches and my mood changed from good to the son of the devil. Thank goodness that I go to school because I would be a total NEET.

I don't want to become like sato from Welcome to the NHK

Right after I left my former job, I applied at two other places that I'm going to enjoy. The real reason why I quit is because the annoying and ignorant customers drove me nuts. At one point I was having dreams of setting fire to the store in my sleep. I think that it is best to work at a place that you are be happy at then a place that you are going to be miserable.

Poor jobless Sato smoking his cigarette.

I need to get a new job before the month of October because I have 5 figure preorders that I'm waiting for. I don't have anything against my former co-workers and boss because they know how crapping it is. It seems that I have to stop buying anime, manga, games, figures, and model kits for a while. If I don't get a reply from those two places, well I'm going to keep tryin'.

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