Kamiyadori Review

I saw Thing manga about a year old at Barnes and Noble and it called my attention. After 4 months of seeing the first volume on the bookshelf, I decided to buy it.

The story is about a biological disease that transforms humans into monsters. The disease is so dangerous that if a person is infected, they are killed immediately and it does not matter if it is man, woman, or child. The ones that are controlling the infected are a peacekeeping force called the Right Arms. When I was reading this it felt that like I was reading the manga version of Resident Evil(Bio-Hazard for those that live in Japan). This manga was created by Kei Sanbe, he is know for also creating Testarotho.

First of all, this manga has a good plot and artwork but that's it, This manga has some problems to it. The manga has way too many flashbacks for a 5 volume manga, if they would take out all of the flashbacks it would have been a 3 volume manga. There are more holes in the plot than a block of Swiss cheese. I know that I said it has a good plot but they did not elaborate it, the idea of a task force that kills monsters is cool but if they would have tried it would be great. The thing that drives me nuts is that it has a lot of loose ends in the story that are not resolved or explained. I give this manga a 2 out of 5 because it has too many problems, it would have been great if it was longer cause they could have surprised the reader with a twist at the end.

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