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The Nintendo virtual console is the one of the greatest inventions that Nintendo has ever made. You can play old games that you have grown up playing as a child on this next generation system. However, there as some problems that I have notice with the virtual console.

I have several issues with the virtual console that may seem small but still it should not be happening. First problem is quantity vs. quality, the American VC has 250 games in it's library. 250 games to choose from is great but there are many terrible games, like Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest and Donkey Kong jr. math. Second problem is multiple versions of the same game and I'm talking to you Street Fighter 2. There a three versions of Street Fighter 2 in the VC; original, turbo: hyper fighting and super: the new challengers. Third and final problem, releasing issues. In America for an older game to come out on the VC, it has to be reviewed and rated by the ESRB which causes the game to take longer to come out. Why can't they not use the original rating from when the game was released from the first time but it does make sence that they rating the imported games because they neven saw the light of day in the U.S.

I hope that Nintendo thinks about which games should be released on the VC because if they flood the market with crap, people will think that everything is crap and you could miss out on some gems. There are some games that I wish they come out on the VC. Those games are Nights Into Dreams, the original Final Fantasy, Mother 2 (known outside of Japan as EarthBound), and 007: Golden Eye. Lets all hope and send evil emails to Nintendo to fix the problems in the VC (I was just kidding, don't send evil emails to them).

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