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I was just browsing an online anime store and I saw 4 remastered versions of the original Ghost in the Shell movie. I was thinking to myself why this movie has been remastered 4 times, is it because it's a good film or simply a cash cow. I like the movie and it's good but it does not deserve to be remastered so many times. So, I decided to make a list of the best anime films that should be remastered for the newer generations to enjoy.

You are good but not that good

5) Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
This movie has the best ending to one of the greatest anime rivalries in history

4) Grave of the Fireflies
It is considered one of the most powerful anti-war anime films of all time

3) Urusei Yatsura movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer
It is the most memorable Urusei Yatsura movies ever and this movie has a great English dub

2) My Neighbor Totoro
In my opinion, this has to be the greatest Miyazaki film I have seen

1) Lupin the third: castle of cagliostro
This is has to be the greatest Lupin the third movie ever done because it was written and directed by Miyazaki and it is also the only Miyazaki film that Disney does not have rights to.

leave a comment below on which anime movie you would like to see remastered.

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