DSi May Not Be So Hot

Yesterday, I was acting like a total fanboy because I so excited about all these new great game that are going to come out soon from Nintendo. I ended up over looking the new Nintendo DSi which I think was very dumb of me. I ended up checking out all the specs and it needs some fixing.

I can't believe that Nintendo screwed up the battery life of their new handheld system. The battery life of the DS lite is around 15-19 hours, the life of the DSi is around 9-14 hours. I'm kind of surprised that they would do something like that because Nintendo's handheld systems have a great reputation of having an awesome battery life.

For those people who still play Gameboy advance games are going to be incredibly disappointed because the GBA port is gone. This is a pattern that Nintendo started to do a few years ago with the Gameboy micro and the original DS which did not support Gameboy and Gameboy color games. This is pretty much Nintendo saying "out with the old, in with the new"

The one thing that I don't like but this may just me being picky is that it won't have that nice glossy outer shell like the DS lite. It looks boring very boring to me because went I pull out my shiny black DS with the NERV logo on the outside, it looks hot.

Just look at that beauty

The logo adds a nice touch to it

To be honest I do like the other things on things on the DSi and that it is going to have a larger screen and slimmer design. I won't buy it until Nintendo releases a version 2 of it with the problems fixed or they make it shiny.

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