Figma Stick Blues

I like the Figma figures but stick thing that helps balance the figure is a pain. It's kind of an eyesore and it takes up some important shelf space, in my case. I have a way to fix that problem without making the figure look bad.

That's an Aria poster in the background if you are wondering

I don't use blue tack or glue because blue tack looks really bad and glue will mess up your figure. I use these Glue Dots, they are clear, easy to remove, you can reuse them and they are figure safe. I also use the dots for my posters.

Hi, Mr. dot

Just apply them to the bottom of the feet.


After you finished placing the figure on the base in whatever pose to you want, use an X-acto knife to remove any excess of the adhesive dot and your done.

The dots are pretty strong and it will last a long time. Below is proof of how awesome they are and yes she is hang upside down.

Bye, Mr. stick thing

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