First Thoughts on Casshern Sins

Casshern Sins is the remake of the original classic anime, Neo Human Casshern. When I heard that a remake was coming out, I was pretty happy because I'm a fan of the original. The original story is that Casshern turns himself into a cyborg to fight the evil robots that have taking over the world. Casshern fights along with his robot dog, his friend, and beautiful girl named luna. To my surprise the new series flips the happy original storyline to a much darker story.

In the new story Casshern is on the evil side and kills Luna even before the opening credits of the first episode. The death of Luna some how causes the end of the world and a hundreds of years later, the world is engulf in a poisonous atmosphere that nearly wiped out the human race and it is also destroying the remanding evil robots.

even with that funny 70's outfit of his, he still looks badass

For some reason there is a rumor that if a robot eats Casshern, it will live for eternity. Pretty much Casshern is fighting almost all the time try to survive but at the same time he is also trying to figure out who he is.

Bishonen Casshern

This is Ringo, a cute robot girl who befriends Casshern

The interesting thing is that all the robots have there own personality, they feel pain, and they have a seen of regret, which I find funny that these robot have been humanized.

Even thou that is a robot, that looks brutal

The one thing that may turn people off of this series is that you are going to feel lost if you have not seen the original series. I hope that in the later episodes they can explain the back story of Casshern.

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